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Let us introduce ourselves: we are a husband and wife team and with our two young boys we make up My Crazy Disney Family.  We love Disney, and we want to share our love and knowledge with you.  We are fortunate enough to live in the Southeast United States, within a day’s drive of Walt Disney World. We enjoyed going to Disney parks (including Disneyland Paris) and even on a few Disney cruises before we had children. We enjoyed all things Disney so much we decided to become Disney Vacation Club members.

Then we had our two boys, and life changed, but for the better.  We started going to Walt Disney World and on Disney cruises more frequently.  We want our boys to enjoy their childhood and experience Disney throughout it.  To date, our now seven year old has been to Walt Disney World 20 times and has already been on all four Disney cruise ships for a total of eight voyages (13 for mom and dad). Our four year old, not to be outdone, has traveled to Walt Disney World 12 times, and has been on five Disney cruises.  Since we are Disney Vacation Club members, we have also been able to take some amazing vacations. This past summer, we went to Hawaii and stayed at Disney’s Aulani Resort.  On the way back home, we got our first chance to visit Disneyland and California Adventure.

We hope through the experiences gained in our past trips and many future trips, we will be able to share our expertise with you.  We hope to help you navigate all Disney has to offer and teach you some tips on how to maximize your time and money, as well as how we earn/save money for future trips.  We also hope you get a few good laughs from our pages, and hope you too can join in our Crazy Disney Family.

Feel free to ask us any questions. We will try our best to answer every one.


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